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HAPPY ANNIVORCERY (Romantic Comedy / Drama)

Log Line

LOGLINE: When Mom is so happy that she has been divorced for an entire year, she throws a party celebrating the anniversary, but her daughter conspires to get Dad invited and back into the picture, much to the dismay of her mother's new ambulance-chasing lawyer boyfriend. :

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Romantic Comedy / Drama
Length: 101 pages
Est. Budget: $1M - $5M

Screenplay Synopsis

HUNTER COLLINS, fast-talking TV product pitch man, can't sell any of his As-Seen-On-TV products. His ex-wife JODI, an insurance agent, hates risk. She celebrates the anniversary of their divorce by throwing a singles party. Their ten-year old daughter, APRIL, nervous and nail-biting but a fast-talking hustler like her dad, leaves her back pack at Hunter's accidentally on purpose, then calls for him to bring it to the house when the party starts.

Hunter arrives to be embarrassed and to find his ex-wife attracted to lawyer STANTON McCAULEY, whose billboard reads INJURED? CALL FOR-THE-MONEY. Stanton and Jodi begin a romance, including a cruise on Stanton's yacht, where Jodi and April see two men, ALPHONSO and JERRY, visit Stanton. The two are ecstatic after having executed another perfectly fraudulent accident with their conspiring partners, Stanton and DR. REEVES.

Hunter comes up with another Chinese-made product, Stand Up Desk, which allows those working at the desk to hit a button, elevating the desk so the person can work while standing. He is successful selling the desks and gives one to Jodi to see if she likes it. She does. With his success, he buys a new car, impressing Jodi and giving April hope that dad can win mom back, but sending Stanton into a new fraudulent scheme.

Stanton sends Alphonso to slam on the brakes in front of Hunter in his new car and sends Jerry to get a job in a telemarketing firm using the Stand Up Desks. Jerry rigs a fake accident with his desk causing Hunter's big order to be cancelled. Alphonso is unaware April and her dog Sunshine are in the back seat of Hunter's car, and Sunshine is killed and April seriously injured in the staged accident.

Although Hunter told April to buckle her seat belt in the back seat, she unbuckled to play with the dog and flew into the windshield during the crash. Jodi blames Hunter who is now devastated with the injury of his daughter, the loss of his income, his car,his dog, and all hopes of reconciling with Jodi.

Hunter brings his videographer, CHIP, to videotape the reconstruction of the desk accident, and meets Stanton and Jerry at the telemarketing company. He gets into an argument with Stanton which is videotaped by Chip. Hunter e-mails a copy of the tape to Jodi because he thinks the desk accident is a set up.

Jodi recognizes Jerry on the video sent by Hunter as one of the men she saw on the dock at Stanton's boat. Then she sees Alphonso in the hospital when she visits April and remembers seeing him with Jerry on the dock. She realizes both men are associated with Stanton.

Hunter puts it all together and has Chip videotape Alphonso and Jerry dancing. Jodi inspects the car the "victims" used and finds neck braces. She confronts Stanton with the evidence and breaks off their relationship. After Stanton and Dr. Reeves are arrested, Hunter receives a large settlement of restitution. Jodi realizes she is better off with April and Hunter as a family. Hunter takes a steady job selling products in an AS SEEN ON TV store and keeps his national representation of Stand Up Desk. April shows off her long beautiful nails as she plays with her new puppy, Moonshine.