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Log Line

Logline: A Key West Fantasy Fest can change more than an attitude. When a crafty conch fishing guide tries to get his life together after a long marijuana prison sentence, he finds the ex-partner, whom he protected, is now using his old connections to smuggle with the local bad boy who wants to take everything for himself, including the fishing captain's daughter.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Drama
Length: 104 pages
Est. Budget: $1M - $5M

Screenplay Synopsis

CAPTAIN FRED, 50's, broken-down but not-out crafty fishing guide, served twelve years for a marijuana conspiracy and still pays the penalty for keeping his mouth shut by enduring another ten years of probation. His ex-partner RICHIE, 50's, married his ex-girlfriend, DORY, who is the mother of his daughter STRAWBERRY, 20's.

Richie opened up a strip club and employed Strawberry who, much to the dismay of Capt. Fred, quit law school to dance. She comes up with a plan whereby her dad picks up vacationing men on a fake fishing trip and delivers the not-so-clever anglers to the Pirate Lady Club to be sliced and diced by professional strippers who entertain the money out of the men in a scheme called Daytime Snapper Special.

NYC Hedge fund manager HENRY, 50's, brings his pretty wife MARTHA, 40's, on a Fantasy Fest vacation to Key West, accompanied by Henry's accountant BERNARD 50's, and lawyer DONALD, 40's. When Henry and crew go fishing, Henry's wife befriends, LINDA, a local Conch who owns a salon.

Richie is supposed to be treasure hunting with DOC, 40.s, a local bad boy, but in reality they have been engaged in a cocaine smuggling operation using Capt. Fred's old connections. Doc pushes Richie over the gunwale wrapped in chains, then tells everyone they found treasure and Richie stayed in Cuba with his share and a new lady, leaving Dory in the dust.

Captain Fred doesn't believe the treasure tale. He and his fishing buddy JAKE, 30's, investigate Doc's boat and find a group, including marina owner TIM, 40's, unloading cocaine under the cover of the Fantasy Fest Parade. Captain Fred and Jake stakeout Doc's house and see the buyers come to pay for the drugs. Capt. Fred recognizes the buyers as men from Detroit he had introduced to Richie before going to prison.

Dory discovers a container hidden by Richie that holds a letter indicating Doc killed Richie. Doc kidnaps Dory after she confronts him about killing Richie, double crosses the Colombian suppliers and flees the island with the cash. But Captain Fred catches Doc and saves Dory as she is thrown overboard in chains.

The weekend ends with a murder solved, families reconciled, and the lives of the strippers and bankers, who truly like each other, altered forever. Although she proclaimed throughout the story that Key West was the end of the road for her, Strawberry sails off with Jake and the money. Captain Fred, on the other hand, who never wanted the club, stays with Dory to run it, and with the help of lawyer Donald, gets his violation of probation removed. Martha organizes the booking of another Key West vacation, hoping to do it all over again.