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REALITY SUCKS (Drama / Comedy)

Log Line

Logline: When a documentary film team produces a reality show by offering their shy audio man as a husband to the internet-savvy women of the world, they unwittingly enlist a Colombian black widow seductress whose specialty is luring men from America to smuggle heroin into the U.S.

Script Info

Script Type: Feature
Genre: Drama / Comedy
Length: 116 pages
Est. Budget: $1M - $5M

Screenplay Synopsis

Financially strapped and professionally unappreciated, HUNTER Collins, the producer of Wild Destinations, a documentary-style travel program, decides to produce a reality show called A Wife For Charley in order to find a bride for his female-challenged sound engineer, CHARLEY Long. PAM Adams, a LA reality show director, takes on the challenge but her scripted format conflicts with the documentary style of Hunter. Twelve girls are chosen, including MARIANA Munoz, a South American seductress working for a Colombian cartel. On five previous occasions she lured Americans to Cartegena, then seduced them into swallowing heroin, smuggling it into the U.S., and then meeting her brother DIEGO, who kills the hapless lovers and extracts the packages of heroin. Miami detective RAFAEL Lima is in charge of finding the missing men. His investigation leads him to Cartegena, where all of the victims stayed at the same hotel. Another girl selected is AKI Oshiro, the daughter of a Yakuda crime boss in Tokyo. Her father wants to marry her off to another crime family to consolidate his power. She sees Charley as an escape from her problem. NATALIA Cherlina of Novosibirsk, Russia, observes her half sisters responding to Charley's invitation, then secretly sends in a picture and information about herself, and is also chosen. The show is produced in one thirteen-episode trip, circumnavigating the globe, with three girls selected for the final show to be videotaped live from Mexico City. Aki, Natalia and Mariana are chosen to be the three finalists, but Natalia is denied a visa because of the influence of her father's first wife. Answering an internet proposal, Detective Lima arrives in Cartagena but meets VALENTINA, Mariana's friend, who arranges for Rafael to stay at the hotel of the missing men. He suspects she is the conspirator, but is confused when she turns out to be a wonderful girl. He realizes Mariana is the culprit just in time to fly to Mexico City to see the last, live show being produced. Charley has now changed into a charming, confident suitor, and, thanks to Rafael, sees through the advances of Mariana. Aki's father flies in when he discovers Aki has been selected to be on the final show, and convinces her to come home. With Natalia unable to participate and Charley opposed to her replacement, Charley gives up all hope of finding a wife. Hunter comes to the rescue by calling a hunting client in Moscow who arranges for Natalia's visa, and she arrives for the final and is chosen. Pam produces a documentary about Natalia's parents who also arrive. After Natalia is chosen, Mariana flees but is captured on tape by Hunter, who now has changed from a documentary producer to an aggressive videographer. Pam has also changed to understand the documentary format. Pam and Hunter enjoy the changes in each other and realize the attraction in a wild affair. Charley marries Natalia. Mariana hypnotizes the camera man, BILLY Elkins, and arranges for heroin to be delivered for him to swallow. Mariana is arrested by Rafael, and Billy is saved just before he is gutted by Mariana's brother in Miami. With the case closed, Rafael returns to Colombia for Valentina. Pam and Hunter decide to get married and produce another season, this time called A Wife For Billy.