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KENNEL CLUB (Comedy / Dramedy)

Log Line

Cheers meets Hitch at the dog park when a high-end kennel secretly rents the dogs it houses for its customers out to men who walk them to find women unleashing bachelor bedlam on the streets of L.A..

Script Info

Script Type: Television
Genre: Comedy / Dramedy
Length: 30 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($100K - $250K)

Screenplay Synopsis


HUNTER WADE, an electrical engineer who can put a cup of coffee to sleep with his talk about his work, moves to L.A. but can't seem to navigate the tricky waters of online dating and the L.A. bar scene. He meets DeShon, an Uber driver, who understands his plight and offers to introduce him to a secret club that rents out dogs so men can walk them to meet women.

DeShon drives Hunter to the club, located above a kennel in a shopping center owned by the father of BENNY CONNORS, a former child actor who now manages the shopping center and secretly operates the club, renting the downstairs kennel's dogs out without the knowledge of the dog's owners.

Hunter decides against joining the club and opts to find a dog to walk at the animal shelter. He first tries a Great Dane, but the huge dog drags him around, snarls at other dogs and misbehaves, turning off all women walking their dogs.

Hunter returns the Great Dane to the shelter and trades her in for a Poodle, believing the women will think the dog is cute. Back at the dog park, he is approached by men and gives up on the idea of using a dog to find a woman.

DeShon has a friend who wants to leave town for a few days and needs someone to watch her dog. Hunter agrees to keep the dog, then tries one more time at the dog park and meets the beautiful CHELSEA., 20's. Unfortunately, she is vegan and the relationship doesn't work. Instead, Hunter falls in love with the dog and is brokenhearted when he has to give it back to its owner.

Hunter then joins the Kennel Club and meets CHARLENE, Benny's girlfriend and the owner of the kennel under the club, and ANGELA, a Mexican illegal immigrant who catches Hunter's eye as well as his mind in how she approaches the relationship between a human and a dog.


In Charlene's kennel, three illegal immigrant Mexican girls groom the dogs, including the insightful ANGELA,a Hispanic beauty who is a female version of Cesar Milan. She understands the calm assertive energy needed to lead a dog. She meets Hunter and gives him advice on how to find the right woman which is in opposition to the advice Benny gives in the clubhouse upstairs.

Alongside the new weekly romance of a club member and a girl he meets walking a dog is the continuing hint of a relationship between Hunter and Angela.

Weekly conflict occurs between new male club members when they meet new females walking their dogs and attempt to use Benny's version what to say and do.

Potential disaster awaits around every corner when the pet owners nearly find out about the scheme to use their pets for Kennel Club profit.

Hunter finally discovers a dog that is left each week in the kennel that becomes trained to introduce him to beautiful women, but in a season finale twist, pulls Hunter away from DeShon's Uber ride to drag him back into the kennel to present him to Angela, and the two realize they are meant for each other.

About This Screenplay

A half-hour comedy, Kennel Club is an inside look at the latest techniques for picking up girls - using dogs as props to start a conversation.
Set in a Los Angeles shopping center featuring Royal Palms, lush landscaping and a two-story building with a kennel downstairs and an office space upstairs used as a club house, this is a comedy of adjusted expectations. Because a man and a woman rarely have the same ideas of who they think they are and where they want a relationship to go, each episode is an off-kilter mini-movie of first impression, pick up banter goofs and general relationship angst, a comedy of pets, pet peeves, pet projects, and how people react to their first encounter, their first kiss, their first heartbreak.
The shopping center is owned by the wealthy father of BENNY CONNORS, a former child actor who secretly uses what his father thinks is an office for a private club for his clients who, without the knowledge of the dog owners, or Benny’s father, rent out the dogs taken in by the kennel downstairs, owned and operated by Benny’s girlfriend CHARLENE. The kennel’s loss-leader sign reads BOUTIQUE KENNEL – FREE GROOMING WITH OVERNITE STAY – SPOIL YOUR PET HERE.
A recurring character over the life of the series is DESHON, an African American Uber driver. He learns the dog-walking habits of the ladies of Santa Monica and texts the information to Benny so he can apprise the club members of the targets. Then the men choose a dog from below and head out with DeShon on the hunt.
Each season features one Kennel Club member who, over the course of the season, eventually ends up with the right woman. The first season belongs to HUNTER WADE, an electrical engineer trying to solve the continuing problem with California’s fires due to electrical transmission problems.