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Log Line

In the fallout of Covid 19, a wealthy family from the southgrapples with having to sell their centuries old estate as their empire crumbles until they realize that the gay son they have shunned and his African American partner have the resources to save them, but the gay couple has their own ideas and move the family servants back to Malibu with them.

Script Info

Script Type: Television
Genre: Drama
Length: 25 pages
Est. Budget: Low Budget ($100K - $250K)

Screenplay Synopsis

Connor Wade, 20's, who left home at18 to move to L.A.to become an actor, brings his African American partner, Jonah, 30's, to a family reunion at the family estate. Connor's father, who was the reason he left home, does not know he is coming and things turn ugly for Mom when they arrive.

Maria, the Hispanic maid who lives on the grounds and does all the cooking, cleaning and gardening with her daughter Angela, informs Connor the real reason for the reunion is to make a plan for the selling of the estate because the family insurance company is going bankrupt due to corona virus payouts and poor financial management.

When Dad finds out Jonah is a rich psychiatrist with movie star clients, he and Connor's brother, STANTON,20's, change their tune and try to get him to invest and bail them out, but Connor and Jonah steal Maria and Angela and takes them back to L.A. instead.

About This Screenplay

A 20-page short version of this script won the Gold Award for Best Short Script in the March 2020 Independent Short Awards contest.