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Log Lines

Below you will find log lines for many of my completed screenplays. To learn more about a specific screenplay, please click the "Learn More" link.

CASTING CALL - When two sisters leave the farm for the dream of stardom in Los Angeles, the one with talent learns the stark reality of the fast lane and the one with reality is cast into a real-life role of revenge for her sister's rape, then as a vigilante against child pornographers and sex traffickers. [Learn More]

CONCEIVED - Logline: A twenty-first century Tarzan story. After an English blueblood hedge fund manager and her American lover, a lawyer, each freeze theireggs for future fertilization, the eggs are switched, and when discovered sixyears later, the lives of the parentsand children unravel. [Learn More]

FAMILY DE-UNION - In the fallout of Covid 19, a wealthy family from the southgrapples with having to sell their centuries old estate as their empire crumbles until they realize that the gay son they have shunned and his African American partner have the resources to save them, but the gay couple has their own ideas and move the family servants back to Malibu with them. [Learn More]

KENNEL CLUB - Cheers meets Hitch at the dog park when a high-end kennel secretly rents the dogs it houses for its customers out to men who walk them to find women unleashing bachelor bedlam on the streets of L.A.. [Learn More]